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What Our Vienna, VA Dental Patients Are Saying

A dental emergency sent me to Vienna smiles early in the morning of a long weekend. They were able to accommodate my needs even though it was a three hour process, very helpful and very competent. They made me feel cared for.

Gayle Bethea

Vienna Smiles changes the old stigma of "Ugh, I have to go to the Dentist." I recently had a front tooth crown that came loose while I was on work travel. The team there was able to accommodate me the first Monday morning I was back in town. While most emergency medical appointments will treat with you the "band-aid" fix and make you book six more appointments to return in the following weeks, Vienna Smiles took a holistic approach in treating my old crown. Emily, the lead dental assistant, assessed my bone damage, re-did my 12 year old post, fitted me for a new, more modern crown and recommended a teeth whitening plan before my new crown is put in. All the while she made sure I was completely comfortable through the entire process and I left with a temporary tooth that looked better than the permanent crown I had before. I give Dr. Barakat and his team a 12/10 and highly recommend to anyone in the area looking for a new dentist that they can trust!

MacLean Ryan

I hate going to the dentist, and I had an emergency appointment based on chipping my tooth. Was able to get an appointment and my tooth fixe within 24 hours.  So appreciate the phenomenal service

Shante McGee