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October 2, 2017

Fall Newsletter

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September 15, 2017

Dentist in Vienna Hosts Another Successful BBQ!

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Vienna Smiles group shotAt Vienna Smiles, we love inviting our patients to get together and enjoy food, fun, and friendship together — especially when BBQ is on the menu!

Your dentist in Vienna recently hosted another successful BBQ at Nottoway Park. If you were one of the many who came to the event on August 27, thank you for coming out! We hope you had a great time. Our doctors and staff sure did!


August 31, 2017

We’re Prepping for the 5th Annual Dentistry From the Heart!

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At Vienna Smiles, we are passionate about providing high quality dentistry to people in and around our city. We also know that our duty to care for our community’s oral health and wellness reaches beyond our patients who can pay for services. That’s why each year, your dentist in Vienna looks forward to hosting the Dentistry From the Heart event — a day when we get to give back to the community that’s been so wonderful to us.


July 17, 2017

Meet and Greet with Your Dentist in Vienna at a Fun BBQ!

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Your dentist in Vienna is excited to host our Summer BBQ event. Vienna Smiles has been serving our local community of Vienna for years, creating and maintaining healthy, beautiful smiles and relationships. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to get to know your dentist in Vienna more than just your preventive care specialist, you should plan to attend our Summer BBQ at Nottoway Park on Sunday, August 27th from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. You can RSVP here! It’ll be a day full of fun, food, and free activities for the whole family.


June 15, 2017

Spring Newsletter

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Check Out Our Spring Newsletter Below

May 19, 2017

The Importance Of Oral Cancer Screenings From Your Dentist In Vienna

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How can you prevent oral cancer and keep your smile – and your overall health – intact? With regular screenings from your dentist in Vienna! Did you know that the survival rates for people diagnosed with oral cancer are only 50% at the five-year mark? This form of the disease may be less popular than other presentations, which actually causes this cancer to be deadlier than other more well-known types. But, with regular screenings from your dentist in Vienna, we can improve the odds, save your smile, and make sure you’re not just another statistic. In this post, learn how to prevent oral cancer from the team at Vienna Smiles.


April 16, 2017

Treat Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry In Vienna

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Did you know that sedation dentistry in Vienna from Vienna Smiles can address your dental fears and phobias? Find out more here. When you were a teenager, your dentist cut corners and didn’t use enough anesthetic when addressing a complex cavity you had, and you’ll never forget the pain, the shrill sound of the drill, or his lack of compassion. Because of this traumatic experience, you now have a phobia of the dentist, and you avoid seeing your oral health care professional like you should. You take good care of your teeth at home, but you know this is no substitute for an exam and cleaning, but the thought of seeing any dentist makes you break out in a cold sweat. How can you preserve your smile without compromising your mental health? With sedation dentistry in Vienna, we can help you get the relaxing experience you deserve. Find out more about dental anxiety and how The team at Vienna Smiles treat it in this post.


March 14, 2017

Winter Newsletter

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Check Out Our Winter Newsletter Below

March 13, 2017

Your Vienna Dentist Is On A Mission To Save Smiles

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Want to help make the world a better place? Support your Vienna dentist with their 2010 mission trip and give one team member something to smile about! Can you imagine living life on just $5 a day? For the Haitian and Dominican sugarcane field workers, this lacking wage is all they are paid. With food, housing, and other expenses, there’s not much left for these hardworking people to use towards dental care. That’s why your premier Vienna dentist is donating their oral healthcare skills to these worthy patients. But, the team at Vienna Dental can’t do this alone – we need your help! Find out how your support of our 2017 mission trip will send one lucky staff member travel to the Dominican Republic to give the people of this island community something to smile about.


February 23, 2017

Vienna Dentist Celebrates Children’s Dental Health Month!

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Your Vienna dentist has the information you need to keep up your whole family’s oral health in top shape, from infants to adults. February is technically the shortest month of the year, but it holds a lot of weight. Mardi Gras is celebrated wholeheartedly in New Orleans, the greatest sports game of each year—the Super Bowl—is watched by millions of people, and now the American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes February as Children’s Dental Health Month! Wow, that’s a lot of action jam-packed into 28 days, but our children’s oral health is of the highest priority. Why is a whole month dedicated to children’s dental health? Your Vienna dentist can answer your questions and keep your little one’s smiles bright and healthy. (more…)

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