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Tooth Extractions – Vienna, VA

Keeping Smiles Healthy Through Extraction

At Vienna Smiles, we’re in the business of making smiles as healthy as they can be. Most of the time, this means preserving your natural teeth whenever possible. However, when tooth-saving procedures just won’t fix the problem, we consider recommending tooth extractions in Vienna, VA. If we recommend removing a tooth, you can be sure that our team will walk you through the process and ensure your comfort. Then, we can provide you with replacement options, if necessary.

Why Choose Vienna Smiles for Tooth Extractions?

  • Experienced, Gentle, and Skilled Dentists
  • Nitrous Oxide, Oral, and IV Sedation Available
  • Kind Team of Dental Professionals
Clasp holding extracted tooth

When would extraction be the right course of action? In some cases, the tooth has severe damage or decay and does not have enough healthy structure left to support a dental crown. There may also be situations where we need to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth or oral structures. If you have severe gum disease or impacted wisdom teeth, extraction may be necessary. A tooth may need to be removed if your smile is overcrowded, and you need to undergo orthodontic treatment. No matter your situation, we will explain your condition and be honest about your treatment options.