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Teeth Whitening – Vienna, VA

Revamp Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

Has your confidence been dulled by dark tooth discoloration? You’re not alone. Your smile will naturally lose its luster as the years pass, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with the change. You can turn back the hands of time and reveal a brighter smile with teeth whitening in Vienna. Our office offers both at-home and in-office solutions to get your teeth as much as 8 shades whiter. You’ll enjoy dazzling results to look and feel your best!

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

before and after teeth whitening

A bright, white smile is often attributed to beauty, success, youth, and even confidence. Unfortunately, some people are genetically predisposed to have darker enamel. Not to mention, your teeth will naturally darken over time. As your enamel thins from everyday wear and tear, more of your yellowish dentin will show through, making your teeth look discolored. Besides age and genetics, there are other factors that can influence the rate of change, like consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks, smoking, or poor oral hygiene habits.

How Can I Get a Whiter Smile?

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At the first sign of discoloration, you might have turned to over-the-counter whitening products to reverse stains. Although you had high expectations, you probably didn’t achieve the results you had wanted. Unfortunately, while they are convenient, whitening products available in stores don’t contain professional-grade whitening agents, so they can’t penetrate the enamel to resolve discoloration at the source. You’re not out of options. Your cosmetic dentist in Vienna has the solution for you.

In-Office Whitening

You can get your smile drastically whiter in just one day with an in-office treatment. We apply a protective barrier to your lips and gums to avoid causing any irritation while we place the whitening agent on your teeth. A special light is used for three 15-minute intervals to dissolve stubborn stains. At the end of your session, your teeth will be as much as 8 shades whiter.

At-Home Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth around your own schedule, you can enjoy in-office results from the comfort of your own home. We will provide you with a professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made trays. You’ll use the kit every day for about 2 weeks. As each day passes, you’ll see your teeth become gradually whiter. At the end of your treatment, your smile will be drastically brighter with results that last with the right aftercare.

How Long will My New Smile Last?

teeth whitening results

Your new smile can stay bright for several years with the right aftercare. You can protect your investment by following a few simple tips:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Limit your contact with stain-causing foods and drinks.

Get a Bright Smile Today!

You can revamp your smile and turn back the hands of time with professional teeth whitening. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with your dentist in Vienna.