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Vienna's Premier Restorative Dentistry Services

Vienna restorative dentistry couple standing outdoors smilingOral damage and health issues can happen to the best of us; what’s important during these trying times is that you have a dedicated, skilled dental team to turn to for help. At Vienna Smiles, we offer the specialized services of a team of experts here in North Virginia that can provide patients with truly comprehensive care. Whether you’re in need of a regular filling or in-depth reconstructive solutions for missing teeth, Dr. Hisham Barakat and Dr. Jennifer Bobbio can give you back your ideal smile in an exceptional fashion.

Our available restorative dentistry services include the following:

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are an important cornerstone of restorative care due to their versatility. In Vienna, VA, we use them to treat severe tooth decay, structural damage, and even cosmetic issues that patients struggle with. Plus, our accomplished dentists always take their time to ensure that the new crown looks and feels completely natural. They’re also used in conjunction with dental bridges, a tooth replacement solution that can supplant one or more consecutive missing teeth within the mouth. By anchoring your new bridge to crowns placed over adjacent healthy teeth, you can enjoy a complete, durable smile once more.

Root Canal Therapy

When teeth become severely damaged or decayed, extraction can begin to seem like the only option available for preserving the patient’s oral health. Thankfully, there’s another option that helps you maintain your complete, natural smile: root canal therapy. During this procedure, one of our accomplished expert dentists will carefully access the inner chamber of your affected tooth, removing diseased pulp and bacteria and sealing it thoroughly so that further infection can’t find its way in. Finally, a beautiful, customized crown can replace any structure that was lost. You’re sure to be amazed by the results!

diagram explaining root canal therapy procedure

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Extraction is never an enjoyable process, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your health and quality of life. For example, wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to emerge within the mouth, and due to a lack of space, they can often erupt sideways, partially, or even not at all. Any of these circumstances can lead to serious pain and threaten the vitality of your smile. During your wisdom tooth extraction, our team members will do everything they can to treat you as comfortably and gently as possible so that any discomfort is minimized. Sedation dentistry is also available for those patients who need a little extra help feeling relaxed.


Removable prosthetics (more commonly known as dentures) have been used for hundreds of years as solutions for severe tooth loss, and today, many of our patients from Vienna and beyond still appreciate their convenience and affordability. Our practice offers partial and full dentures, both custom-made and easily removable for increased comfort when sleeping or practicing oral hygiene. If you’re looking for more permanence, our Vienna Dentists also offer dentures retained by dental implants!

No one should have to struggle with teeth that are injured or incomplete. Instead, please visit our Vienna, VA dental practice to receive the experienced and comprehensive attention you deserve. Contact us today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment. We welcome patients from all over North Virginia, including Tysons Corner, Idylwood, Wolf Trap, Oakton, and beyond.

Partial and Full Dentures

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