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Healthy Gums with Periodontal Therapy

woman flossing teethPeriodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is one of the most common health conditions negatively affecting people today, with a staggering average of three out of four Americans struggling with a mild to severe version of it. Drs. Barakat and Bobbio take this threat very seriously in Vienna, which is why checking for the presence of periodontal disease is such a significant part of regular check-ups. If we do discover telltale signs, we offer multiple treatment options designed to revitalize your oral health and leave you with a much more confident smile.

Gum Disease Symptoms

Common symptoms of gum disease that you can check for in the comfort of your own home include:

It’s also important to remember that in several cases, these symptoms may not manifest enough for an untrained eye to notice them until your condition has progressed to a more advanced stage. That’s why attending regular check-ups at Vienna Smiles is crucial to protecting your oral health!

Our team can recommend several personalized therapy options for periodontal disease based on severity. For mild instances, lengthier cleanings may be enough to reverse any ill effects, or an in-depth treatment known as root planing and scaling, which refreshes the area between the gums and the surfaces of your tooth roots. If necessary, soft tissue laser treatment is a revolutionary way for us to remove diseased tissue more precisely and comfortably than ever before. For advanced cases of periodontal disease, surgical intervention might be recommended.

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