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January 2, 2018

Come Visit a Saturday Dentist in Vienna for Dental Care!

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woman dental visitThere are a million and one reasons why people miss their dental appointments. After all, a dental visit isn’t always the first thing that someone wants to do in the first place! But imagine trying to visit an office that makes it ten times harder by offering inconvenient hours that you couldn’t possibly try to fit into your schedule. It just wouldn’t work.

That’s why our office now offers weekend appointments! It’s time to schedule a visit to see your Saturday dentist in Vienna. Plus, we’ve put together a helpful list of tips to make sure that you see your dentist on time, every time.

Make Visiting the Dentist a Priority with These 4 Helpful Tips!

No matter how hectic your schedule, regular dental cleanings are critical to maintaining healthy teeth and strong gums. To help you ensure dentist check-ups remain a priority, we’re sharing 4 essential tips for fitting your necessary dental visits into your busy schedule.

1.      Make a To-Do List

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to get done throughout your day. Get organized—it will help relieve some of that anxiety! Listing all your tasks by priority can help you tackle the most important tasks first. When 6 months passes, visiting a dentist in Vienna  for your semi0annual visit should be high on your priority list.

2.      Avoid Scheduling for the Middle of the Day

No one likes to stop what they are doing to visit the dentist. That means that it’s just easier to make the appointment first thing in the morning so that you can conquer your day with a brighter, cleaner smile. Or, if night’s work better for you, try to visit after you’ve finished your day with work or other obligations. This way, you’re not rushed or likely to cancel last minute.

3.      Try to Complete All Dental Work in One Visit

Finding time for one dentist appointment, let alone two or more, is a challenge when you already have a busy schedule. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, and you know you’ll need extensive dental work done, visit a comprehensive dentist that offers a range of services. Even if you need multiple treatments or procedures to be completed, you can ask the office about sedation. This can help your dental appointment fly by while you doze off into a medicated sleep, allowing your dentist to complete all your necessary dental work.

4.      Schedule Your Visit in Advance

Scheduling a dentist appointment weeks or even months in advance can help you to prepare your schedule around the visit. By marking the appointment on your calendar ahead of time, you ensure that block of time is reserved and should be able to schedule everything else around that obligation.

The best time to schedule an appointment is after your previous dentist appointment. Simply speak to a friendly office team member to schedule your appointment 6 months out.

When was your last dental visit? Can’t remember because you probably canceled last minute? It’s time to visit a dentist that adheres to your busy schedule with weekend appointments available!

About Our Office

Here at Vienna Smiles, we know how important semi-annual checkups and cleanings are to maintain a healthy smile. That’s why we want to make sure that there are no excuses available for patients to miss out on the health care their smile truly needs. If you need to visit our office sooner than later, feel free to give us a call today!

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