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October 27, 2017

Vienna Dentist Says Jessica Simpson’s Smile is Suffering!

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hiding smile embarrassed woman Are you one of those people that forget to brush your teeth every other night? What about one of those people that only brush your teeth three times a week—like Jessica Simpson! Yeah, you heard right…the celebrity with pearly whites may not have the freshest breath after all.

Fortunately for Jessica, she hasn’t had any dental problems—but your Vienna dentist wants you to know that doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same results from brushing your teeth less and less. In fact, Jessica may not realize just how much she’s truly risking her overall health as well as her oral health.

Oral Health is Connected to Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth and gums is critical to keeping your smile both beautiful and healthy. Your mouth is affected by what you eat, what you drink, and mostly how well you maintain it at home. Also, it’s important to visit your dentist regularly for help with aesthetics and smile maintenance. Without these few practices, you could become susceptible to severe health concerns like gum disease, heart disease, strokes—even diabetes!

Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes per session.

When you brush your teeth in the morning, you’re removing dental bacteria that has been multiplying in your mouth while you’re sleeping. When you brush your teeth at night, you’re working to remove all the leftover dental debris like food and lingering bacteria that’s been sitting in your mouth throughout the day. If you miss either brushing  session, you’re risking your oral health!

Floss your teeth at least once a day.

Thankfully, Jessica Simpson flosses every day. Flossing is an important part of a dental routine—no matter how tedious it is! When you skip flossing, you’re missing a large part of your teeth’s surfaces—as much as 35%! Be sure to get between each and every tooth and remove plaque below the gum line with effective, gentle flossing techniques. Ask your dentist for help if you experience bleeding when flossing.

Your Dentist is Here to Help You!

Although we’re sure that Jessica Simpson’s dentist was horrified to hear that she hasn’t been actively brushing her teeth as she’s supposed to, they’re still there to help her reach optimal oral health. As your trusted dental team, your dentist and their helpful office team members will do their best to help clean your mouth from top to bottom. Your dentist in Vienna, VA is here to provide helpful advice, specialized treatments, and develop a custom dental plan to meet your smile goals.

About Our Office

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