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March 13, 2017

Your Vienna Dentist Is On A Mission To Save Smiles

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Want to help make the world a better place? Support your Vienna dentist with their 2010 mission trip and give one team member something to smile about! Can you imagine living life on just $5 a day? For the Haitian and Dominican sugarcane field workers, this lacking wage is all they are paid. With food, housing, and other expenses, there’s not much left for these hardworking people to use towards dental care. That’s why your premier Vienna dentist is donating their oral healthcare skills to these worthy patients. But, the team at Vienna Dental can’t do this alone – we need your help! Find out how your support of our 2017 mission trip will send one lucky staff member travel to the Dominican Republic to give the people of this island community something to smile about.

Who Does The 2017 Mission Trip Benefit?

While we may take our dentist in Vienna for granted, those in the crowded, impoverished “bateyes” of the Dominican Republic know how much of a luxury oral healthcare is. These areas surrounding sugarcane fields are home to Haitian and Dominican fieldworkers – people in these dilapidated homes frequently sleep with 5-6 people in each room, and the areas often lack running water.

These fieldworkers perform back-breaking work for a pittance – making only dollars a day, the members of this community don’t have enough money to pay for bare necessities. Babies in the bateyes frequently go without diapers, kids don’t have shoes, and most people can’t even afford transportation to medical and dental treatment – if they could even pay for the care at all.

How Does The Mission Trip Contest Work?

The person on our staff who raises the most money will be the one selected to go on the mission trip. They’ll travel along with volunteers from other local dentist’s offices, and they’ll provide free care to the people of the Dominican Republic.

While the impoverished residents of the bateyes will benefit from our volunteer dental care, the team member who wins this contest will also learn and grow from their experience on this mission trip. When you donate, you’ll increase compassion, health, and worldwide connectedness.

How Can I Help The Vienna Smiles Team?

Donate to your favorite team member here – you can donate as much as you want, as often as you want, and you can support more than one person. Donations of all sizes are accepted and appreciated.

Prefer to give a donation that’s not monetary? We graciously accept gifts of new and used shoes, flip flops, and clothing of all sizes at our practice. We’ll make sure the people of the bateyes receive your generous support, no matter what form it comes in.

Now that you know how our 2017 mission trip will brighten the smiles of impoverished sugarcane fieldworkers of the Dominican Republic, donate to our worthy cause or stop by our office to give today!



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